Logic Of The Day: 10.11.2018.

A Good Mentor Is A Coach Who Makes A Difference In People's Lives.
Coaches make a difference in other's lives. They help them grow. They improve their potential. They increase their productivity. They are essential to helping people effect positive change.

In my own opinion, good coaches share five common characteristics. They are.....

1. Care for the people they coach.
2. Observe their attitudes, behavior and performance.
3. Align them with their strengths for peak performance.
4. Communicate and give feedback about their performance.
5. Help them to improve their lives and performance.

The process of growing with the help of a mentor usually follows this pattern: it begins with awareness. You realize that you need help and that following yourself is not a viable option for effective personal growth.

When a person comes to such a realization, one of two things can happen. The first is that the person's pride swells up and he cannot bring himself to ask another person for advice. This is a common reaction. The other reaction to awareness is to humble yourself and say, "I need your help".
That decision not only leads to greater knowledge, but it also often develops maturity. It reinforces that people need one another-not just when they're young and starting out, but their entire lives.

~ John Maxwell (How Successful People Grow)

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