Logic Of The Day: 09.11.2018.

The New World Will Bring More Choices.
Career choices are always tricky. Particularly in a world where job security has gone. Even if you are comfortable in the old world, the probability is that — sooner or later — technology will change or disrupt your work.

And for those that pursue the new options of an entrepreneur or internal disruptor, career decisions will be difficult, as well as exciting.

Nevertheless, I find this new world to be a source of tremendous inspiration. We are moving from a world in which the downside risk was “feeling like a prisoner of structures and processes beyond our control” to a world in which the downside risk is “the anxiety of freedom, responsibility, and an uncertain future.”

The new world isn’t always comfortable, but it offers more career choices and is undoubtedly preferable to the disappearing old world of inflexible and cumbersome procedures and processes.

~ Erik P.M Vermeulen (Excerpts From The Article; What’s Your Dream Career? “Work Culture” is Finally Changing)

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