Logic Of The Day: 08.11.2018.

The “Internal Disruptor” Career Path.
Recently, a third career choice has appeared. Let’s call it the “Internal Disruptor.” I spoke at a Future of Finance event last week. I met many financial institutions (mainly banks) that struggle with the “digital transformation.”

Brand loyalty is disappearing. Consumers demand digital financial products/services. It’s all about offering new technology solutions (e.g., mobile banking, 24 hours chatbots, and smart budgeting and saving tools).

In response to this new operating environment, these banks have started to hire programmers, developers, and other technologists to help them with the digitization process. They have also begun to acquire exciting and innovative start-ups.

Nevertheless, it became evident to me that these strategies usually fail if these banks don’t replace their hierarchies and procedures, and embrace an open “technology culture.”

And this is the thing. Banks and other big companies have increasingly failed because they weren’t able to do this. They struggled to abandon and replace the established corporate culture with an innovative technology culture. Hiring “techies” and dropping them into the old structures and processes isn’t going to work. They will leave instead of fighting the incumbents.

Disruption offers fantastic new career choices for both technologists and non-technologists. Surely, they don’t provide the standard promotion and seniority tracks, but they do offer the possibility of a personally meaningful and fulfilling experience.

~ Erik P.M Vermeulen (Excerpts From The Article; What’s Your Dream Career? “Work Culture” is Finally Changing)

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