Logic Of The Day: 07.11.2018.

The “Entrepreneur”.
The digital revolution entails the emergence and acceptance of a technology-driven culture. In this culture, entrepreneurs are widely respected and — if successful — very well-rewarded. As new technologies amplify and accelerate each other, the list of opportunities increases. We can generally distinguish between three types of entrepreneur:

Entrepreneurs who focus on the invention or further development of new digital technologies.

Entrepreneurs who use digital technologies to create new and potentially disruptive business models.

Entrepreneurs who take advantage of the latest technologies and decide to pursue a “creative” or “service-oriented” career by offering products/services directly to the crowd (circumventing the costly, time-consuming and formalized intermediaries that usually stand between you and your ultimate goal of reaching the public).

But starting your own “business” is challenging. There are many costs attached. You need energy and vision to deal with the wide range of administrative, financial, and personal issues that are inevitably involved in establishing and scaling a new business.

Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone.

~ Erik P.M Vermeulen (Excerpts From The Article; What’s Your Dream Career? “Work Culture” is Finally Changing)

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