Logic Of The Day: 31.10.2018.

Using Technology to Be “Creative” and Find “Happiness”.
In an automated world, it isn’t only about the technologies themselves. Technologies are tools that help us in “getting things done.” As such, we continuously need to make sure that new technologies complement us as human beings. And this means that the technologies should assist us in becoming “more human” and living healthier and happier lives.

Take artificial intelligence and work. AI has the ability to remove less pleasant aspects of our working lives. AI is just one example of how digital technology can augment our intelligence and help us become more efficient, productive, and happy.

And there is more, Gartner, a research and advisory company, has predicted that by 2020 AI will generate 2.3 million jobs (which is more than the 1.8 million jobs that will most likely be eliminated).

But, again, to find these new jobs, we must think different and establish unconventional partnerships. We must also use technology to make us more creative. Besides technological innovations, we must focus on potentially disruptive and less obvious applications of the new technologies.

~ Erik P.M. Vermeulen (The Art of “Reinventing Yourself” in an Automated World!)

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