Logic Of The Day: 30.10.2018.

You Must Learn Thinking “Different”
Everyone must learn to think “different.” The ability to recognize what has changed, accept that new reality and then adapt to it is the essence of “thinking different.” This skill has always been necessary but it has never been more urgent than in the context of the digital transformation. Just think about some recent changes and what they mean for the future of work:

Digital technologies have significantly improved life expectancy and health, providing for more opportunities than ever before. New digital technologies are emerging at an unparalleled rate, forcing all of us to acquire and adopt new skills continually.

Digital technologies enable the emergence of new organizations and economies. Think “sharing economy,” “gig economy,” and “platform economy.” Each of these “economies” creates its own opportunities and challenges. It is clear that these technologies go much further than simply incrementally improving traditional ways of working. They change everything: the “world of tomorrow” will not resemble the “world of today.”

“Thinking different” helps us recognize and seize new (and, often, unknown) possibilities for living a happier, healthier and more productive life.

~ Erik P.M. Vermeulen (The Art of “Reinventing Yourself” in an Automated World!)

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