Logic Of The Day: 27.10.2018.

Aggressively Build Your Network.
A strong network accelerates everything you do in your career. You should spend considerable time building yours if you aren’t already. A good network gives you smart people to bounce ideas off of. A good network gives you access to information and knowledge that are otherwise hard to come by. A good network gives you introductions to consulting or freelance work that can give you more reps.

A good network will lead to more potential partnerships or revenue opportunities for your current company. A good network will become the source of your next gig. If you start your own business, your network will be the source of your early customers, your best employees and your most favorable sources of capital.

Rather than going home or going to the bar with your college buddies, you should be hitting up Meetup groups. You should join your local chapter of whatever professional organization is most relevant to your career.

You should be grabbing coffee or drinks or breakfast with new people every single week. And you should always stay in touch, actively looking for opportunities to help your network — to make new introductions, offer advice or share knowledge.

Your network can become your most powerful career asset, and the time you’re spending watching Duck Dynasty can be spent building it.

~ Sean Johnson (The Career Ladder Isn't In The Office)
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"The Career Growth Team"


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