Logic Of The Day: 22.10.2018.

Read All The Things.
At least once a week I was at the bookstore, trying to learn things that would make me better at my job. Sales, design, negotiation, whatever I could find. One of those things was CSS. Web standards were becoming a thing, and accessibility was a big issue with universities.

All our campaigns were in flash. Because that’s what the design director knew. And he didn’t want to learn how to do it another way. Clients started complaining. Eventually it came to a head. He chose to quit instead of learning how to do it. I got promoted to Creative Director, with the salary to match.

In about 18 months, I went from Account Manager to Creative Director, my salary had tripled. The previous 8 things all played a role. But the catalyst was my being the only person who knew CSS. Because I read.

I still do this —in my current role at the venture fund I really had to shore up my finance and accounting skills. So I started taking online classes and downloading HBR business cases to work on at night.

Lots of people complain about not having mentors, or a plan from their company to help them learn. But you have all the mentors you need at the bookstore or library or online.

The career ladder isn’t in your office. What you do at night matters.

~ Sean Johnson (13 ways to turn your career into an f-ing rocket ship)
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