Logic Of The Day: 19.10.2018.

Always Microvate.
What did I do with all that time? I did what I call microvation. Microvation is the art of tiny innovations.

Sign up for all the crappy projects — the stuff no one wants to do. Try to figure out how to reframe them in a way that made them more useful. And then make them amazing.

We would do CSV exports to give to clients. I turned them into visual reports that we sent as PDFs.

We started using Salesforce — I learned how to create custom reports for the sales team (which was run by the founders).

I tapped into my former life as a stand up comic to create funny, quirky emails to send clients when their campaigns launched, when they got their first leads, etc.

You can do it with anything. Turn picking up lunch into a lunch and learn series. Turn a slack channel with links into a knowledge management program that collects and documents “the way we do things here.”

Microvation demonstrates you’re someone who sees opportunity in everything, and can get things done.

~ Sean Johnson (13 ways to turn your career into an f-ing rocket ship)
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