Logic Of The Day: 15.10.2018.

You need to Develop the Habits of a Professional.
Steven Pressfield says the difference between amateurs and professionals is in their habits. Don’t wait until you’re a professional to develop professional habits. You want to be prepared when opportunity knocks.

By the time musicians and actors get their first big break, they’ve been auditioning and practicing for years. They’ve developed the habits of a professional.

I was writing 1000 words a day 3 years before I had the opportunity to write my first traditionally published book. Because I’d cultivated a habit, I was able to finish a 45000 word manuscript in 6 months.

Professionals treat time as the most valuable asset at their disposal. They optimize their lives for deep work and they spend at least some small part of their day on whatever adds meaning to their life.

~ Excerpts From The Article; 7 Hard Truths About Building a Creative Career By Srinivas Rao.

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