Logic Of The Day: 13.10.2018.

Treat Your Current Situation As a Learning Experience.
In my mid 20’s I had a sales job and a boss that I couldn’t stand. So I started submitting resumes and lining up interviews. A CEO of a web analytics startup that didn’t make me an offer said the following to me:

We’re not going to make an offer. But you should know that working in sales is invaluable experience. It’s something that will come in hand throughout your career.

That advice came full circle 13 years later. When I stand on a stage I sell. When I persuade people to participate in my creative ideas, I’m selling. As Robert Greene said to me, no experience in your life should be thought of as wasted.

If you’re unable to walk away from your current situation, search for every opportunity you have to learn and grow. Give yourself an education that kicks the crap out of the one you got in school.

~ Excerpts From The Article; 7 Hard Truths About Building a Creative Career By Srinivas Rao.

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