Logic Of The Day: 22.09.2019.

5 Things Every Young Professional Should Know. (2)
~ Produce Don’t Consume.
There’s a reason why I force myself to produce new content on a weekly basis. Creating content allows me to build a reputation and forces me to continuously learn and develop. By sharing my own knowledge about marketing and business I’m able to build a reputation on networking sites like LinkedIn.

~ Why It’s Important to Produce.
The business world is competitive. There are hundreds of candidates fighting for a handful of top positions. Producing content allows you to stand out from the crowd and build your network. More importantly, it also proves that you actually know what the heck you are talking about.

Think about it from the standpoint of a potential employer — who would you rather hire, the guy you’ve never heard of or the guy who wrote a post last year that made you think differently about a key business decision?

~ Excerpts From The Article; "VP by 30- How to Hack You Career" By Jesse Williams.

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