Logic Of The Day: 19.09.2018.

What Getting Laid Off Taught Me About Work And Life.(4)
~ It Changes You.
I am a different person than I was before this happened. I have a much stronger work ethic. I communicate with my manager about his/her expectations from me and try to make sure I keep striving to meet them. I don’t take my job for granted and make sure I upgrade my skills to boost what I bring to the table.

I have strangely become a more confident person since I realized I could face this adverse situation at my job and emerge relatively unscathed. In the end it depends on your attitude how you emerge from tough situations.

I had one month of unemployment and that time off made a huge difference in how I was able to asses my mistakes. It was admittedly tough not to over analyze every single move I made as an employee of my previous company. However it was imperative that I introspect so as to not repeat the mistakes that got me into this situation.

In the end I think its important to keep growing and learning no matter what life throws at you.

Excerpts From The Article; What Getting Laid Off Taught Me About Work and Life By Rickshaw Diaries.

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