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What Getting Laid Off Taught Me About Work And Life. (3)
1. Update Your Resume Every 6 Months and Respond to all Recruiters Even When You Aren’t Actively Looking.
This one I kind of followed, but not to the extent I should have. I reached out to the recruiters who had messaged me in the last year to check if they had openings. Some of the messages I hadn’t even responded to.
I know other friends who didn’t even open LinkedIn while they were at their current job and after being laid off had to start from scratch. I had three interviews lined up within two weeks of restarting the process of job applications.

2. Even if the Inevitable Happens Know That You Will Get Through It With Your Support System In Tow.
Sometimes, even after taking all precautions, you might still be out of a job. It’s probably not personal, its just a matter of being caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s a business decision. I went through a phase where I was angry at the company that laid me off, but that anger didn’t help much.

I had to stay positive or else I was going to let it get the better of me. I was proud of how I handled myself in this situation and I know that if faced by something similar all over again, I am ready for it. I relied a lot on my support system of family and friends who listened to long angry rants about the company! They were extremely supportive and kept my spirits up during this time when I needed it the most. I struggled to not be bitter but to be remain calm and positive and I couldn’t have done it without my support system.

Excerpts From The Article; What Getting Laid Off Taught Me About Work and Life By Rickshaw Diaries.

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