Logic Of The Day: 17.09.2018

What Getting Laid Off Taught Me About Work And Life.(2)
1. Never Get Stagnant.
Keep working on projects where you learn new things. If that’s not the case, ask to join the project you want. At my previous job, I was on a project that was slowly becoming obsolete. It made me more and more disposable as time went on and I was becoming more comfortable in it.
I had stopped learning new things and providing value that was unique. I saw my father embody this by learning new skills for his job after being in the same company for 25 years and being 4 years away from retirement. Its critical to staying fresh and relevant.

2. Your Interpersonal Relationships Will Not Save You
I had a great relationship with my team lead. And he was the first to be laid off in my team. He wasn’t able to communicate with anyone else about what I was or was not capable of doing. I don’t mean this as a knock against getting along with people at work but it mostly does not matter in the final outcome whether you had great relationships with your teammates. The reverse is definitely true though, if you do not get along with others it will be counted against you.

Excerpts From The Article; What Getting Laid Off Taught Me About Work and Life By Rickshaw Diaries.

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