Logic Of The Day: 15.09.2018.

What Getting Laid Off Taught Me About Work and Life.
1. You Are Almost Exclusively Working for Your Manager.
Other people within your company may value you a lot, other teams may ask for you regularly, you might be the one who volunteers at events but in the end, you are only as good as your manager thinks you are.

You have to provide value for this person and within your company, only they know what you do. Your main job is to make his/her life easier and they will fight for you in return. If your manager is not fighting for you then either you are a bad employee or they are a bad manager.

Either way, you need to change that situation. Clearly my previous manager did not think that my contribution to the team was worth fighting for and the onus was on me to show that to them.

2. Don’t Get Caught Napping.

Never leave an email request unanswered. Or any task pending before you go on vacation. You never know when something will be held against you and its best to follow Professor Moody’s mantra of Constant Vigilance.

People remember when you screw up even in the smallest of ways and the only way to not do that is to be thorough. This seems obvious but it’s easy to mess up in small ways, its better to form a habit of dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s in every situation.

Excerpts From The Article; What Getting Laid Off Taught Me About Work and Life By Rickshaw Diaries.

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