Logic Of The Day: 13.09.2018.

You Are Not Supposed To Hate Your Work (1).
Your typical person shows up everyday to a place they hate, to do work they don’t like for someone they like even less. They’re underpaid and overworked and yet they cling to it with the jaws of life out of fear and because society says you’re supposed to.

You’re supposed to value your job. I believe that’s part of the problem. We’re made to believe every job is valuable when in reality nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, I’d say valuable jobs are hard to find. Few and far between even.

I say that because you can love your profession or occupation and still hate your company or job. You can like what you do but not who you do it for or how you’re treated.

Valuable jobs are ones where you are fairly compensated to do work you — at minimum — don’t hate and for someone you at least respect. That respect comes from the fact they treat even those under them like human beings and pay them a decent hourly wage or annual salary.

~ Excerpts From The Article; You Are Not Supposed To Hate Your Work By Brian Brewington.

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