Logic Of The Day: 10.09.2018.

5 Indispensable “Soft Skills” That Are In Demand.
~ Time Management.
This attribute might not be visible to the interviewer in the interview room but if you are smart enough you can show this skill by talking about your achievements on time.

You need to make the interviewer understand your skill of, prioritizing tasks and working on a number of different projects at once.

When I used to appear for interviews I would showcase this ability in me by narrating the times when I would be leading my team in a robotics competition.

I would schedule tasks for each member of my team and give them a deadline. I would set my own goals of preparing the hardware and then going in for the software and then scheduling the testing process.

In the midst of all these I had to prioritize my studies as I had weekly surprise tests.

Finally, when the robot was ready it was not passing all the test cases, so I had to be more productive and set such chassis and sensor alignment that could not go wrong.

This way, I had to eradicate the perfectionist in me and find out ways to make the thing work manually. My team secured the second position, but at least we did not come back home empty handed.

~ Excerpts From The Article: 5 Indispensable Soft Skills That Are In Demand By Sahityika Poddar.

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