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5 Indispensable “Soft Skills” That Are In Demand.
~ Adaptability
We can’t always plan for everything. Being able to adapt to new developments and still achieve your goal is an important skill in the business world and during a Service Learning project.

The interviewer can very well understand this skill if your native is far from the job location. They might try to make you emotional about family and see your reaction to it.
If you can show your adaptation to new circumstances in such situations, maybe you will not have to worry about it anymore.

Once it so happened for me that one of the manager taking my interview told me, “You are from West Bengal? Oh my God!! You will leave my company and go after a few days, even if I recruit you…”

I replied to this as, “My parents are working parents. They kept on travelling for their entire career life and when it comes down to me, they encourage me to do the same. Moreover, I can adapt to changing situations specially when I am alone and not under the comfort of my parents (this shows you are independent). Also I will definitely shift to another company if I get a better opportunity (this shows your honesty). It means I deserve a better opportunity and if your company at that time is able to provide me with the same then I am ready to stick (this shows your confidence).

Make the recruiter understand that you can handle criticism and changing scenario, as and when it comes.

~ Excerpts From The Article: 5 Indispensable Soft Skills That Are In Demand By Sahityika Poddar.

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