Logic Of The Day: 05.09.2018.

Change Always Occurs.
The fact is, change is always going to happen in every career and every company, big and small. It might happen at different speeds, but it will happen.

In my experience, the best jobs are not posted.
It happened to me the other day. I got a text from a friend saying they were thinking about adding someone to their team. They hadn’t figured out the exact parameters of the job yet. But it sounded like it would be something I would enjoy doing. Would I come in to chat?

So, how can you get in the flow of knowing what jobs are out there, either within your company or outside of it?

Of course networking and getting to know people is helpful.

But beyond that, there is a critical step to moving forward.

YOU have to decide — what do you want?

~ Excerpts From The Article; First, You Need To Decide What You Want From Your Career By Deb Knobelman, PhD.

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