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Safe or Inspiring: Which Career Path Should you Pick?
How do you know that it is the right time to step off the safe path, without jeopardizing your finances? How do you know whether to leave the easy way of earning money or to choose the ultimate desire risk?
This is the most trickiest and intricate question which most of us face once in a lifetime.

Maybe, if we have to take up the risky path, we would have to sacrifice on the other things — Maybe sacrifice on the financial needs, or depend on the other members of the family for a fairly long time, or sacrifice having a kid etc.

Choosing a path because you think its safe and it will make you money, will eventually be deadly for your soul.
When I chose to pursue further studies, I took certain firm decisions. Decision to not fall apart, decision to stay put, decision to make money by other means, and so long and so forth.

My family is not financially strong enough to finance my studies so I took a loan and I completed my Masters. I landed a good job. I have my future goals and nevertheless I am struggling everyday to achieve my small term goals to reach the ultimate gigantic one.

I am so glad that I took the decision to study and did not hesitate, because I know that “knowledge” pays off in more than one way.

~ Sahityika Poddar (Safe or Inspiring: Which Career Path Should you Pick?)

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