Logic Of The Day: 30.08.2018.

5 Dream Life Motivation Take Home Messages.
1. Don’t be afraid to take some risks in life and challenge your tendency to be overly cautious.

2. Pursue your full potential through daily and deliberate personal development every single day because there is no limit to your growth!

3. Embrace your mistakes and know that your failures in life are only appearances. They are only illusions. Your soul is pure, and you are your soul. Therefore you are pure! Never be confused, and be sure to get up and keep pushing forward after you fall.

4. Appreciate your imperfections. Whether physical imperfections or something about your personality, embrace your uniqueness and find the advantage in the seeming disadvantage.

5. Most importantly, never forget that even when the tough moments in life present themselves, remember that the clouds will certainly clear and the beauty of life will also reappear! As proof, think of all of the ‘bad’ things that have ever happened to you. Despite the challenges from your past, you are still kickin’ today!

~ Quincy Hawley (5 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Your Shadow)

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