Logic Of The Day: 25.08.2018.

Which Life Management Type Are You?
3. Avoiders — “I’m not prepared to manage my life”
“Don’t you ever get the feeling that all your life is going by and you’re not taking advantage of it?” — Ernest Hemingway

Life happens too fast, right?

Avoiders don’t live in the present, neither think about their future. They feel guilty — they believe they don’t deserve enjoying life. Avoiders live in autopilot — life happens to them instead of them being in control.
They go through life. Avoiders tend to be driven by guilt and a sense of inadequacy. That’s why they procrastinate reflecting and acting upon.

If you are an Avoider, you don’t want to confront your reality — pausing makes you more anxious. You probably seek escapism in entertainment or via other distractions or short-term fixes. You usually suffer from analysis-paralysis.

You find it hard to take control of your life — you feel incompetent to understand and manage goals and priorities. Start by being less harsh on yourself — take time to reflect and see yourself clearly.

~ Your Life Is Your Most Precious Asset By Gustavo Razetti.

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