Logic Of The Day: 22.08.2018.

Which Life Management Type Are You?
1. Spenders — “I deserve to have it”
“Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.”  — Dr. Seuss
Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, right?
Spenders don’t plan for the future; they live the moment. They need to feel excited — they want to appreciate everything that happens around them.

Spenders associate experiences with self-worth — the more they do, the more valuable their life becomes.
They live like there’s no tomorrow. Spenders tend to be driven by emotions and to act compulsively. That’s why they don’t plan for the future.

If you are a Spender, you want to enjoy life to the fullest — you seek immediate pleasure. You probably get satisfaction in doing lots of stuff and having fun with others. You usually accept most invitations and opportunities.

You find it hard to prioritize — chasing every exciting opportunity keeps you busy all the time. ‘Seizing the day’ every day drains your energy. Start by saying ‘no’ — focusing will get you time to invest in your future.

~ Your Life Is Your Most Precious Asset By Gustavo Razetti.

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