Logic Of The Day: 21.08.2018.

Find Your Purpose Before Finding A Job.
As a recruiter, when I interview fresh graduates for entry level jobs, I ask them why they chose the courses they studied in their respective tertiary institutions. Most times, the responses I get gives me great concern.
I get answers like:
"my dad wanted an accountant in the family, and I had to study it even though I didn't like the course one bit, that's why I had poor grades" or, "actually, I wanted to study medicine but I didn't make the cut-off mark, so I took the Microbiology I was offered, hoping to cross over to Medicine after my first year but I was not able to". And so many similar explanations.

Why do I ask this question? It's a question of purpose and responsibility. Purpose because if the whole essence of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable.

Whether you accept it or not, there is a reason behind every action taken in life - either consciously or unconsciously. Once this is discovered, journeying through life becomes enjoyable.

Responsibility in the sense that the decision of the course to study might not have been yours to make initially, but you are definitely responsible for what you make of it eventually.

This question of purpose and responsibility is a form of mental gauge devised to get to know the candidates a little more during the interview session. Candidates that get to articulate their thoughts well give interesting responses to this question and also go ahead to ace the interview unlike the average candidate.

~ Excerpts From The Book: "Corporate Misfit by Segun Akiode, ACIPM

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