Logic Of The Day: 20.08.2018.

Life As a Currency.
Life, like money, is a limited resource. No matter how much you have; it never feels enough — our wishlist is endless. The value of money doesn’t lie in quantity though, but in how you manage it.

Consciously or not, we fall prey to our emotions. Guilt, love, fear, hate, envy — to name a few — shape our decisions — most of us are even afraid of being happy. That’s why we have extreme relationships with money (and life).

Some people are happy when they have large amounts to spend. Many feel guilty and waste it compulsively — or merely avoid financial conversations. Others, are afraid of their future and save everything for a ‘rainy day.’

Life is your most precious asset — manage it wisely.
Financial advisors say that your relationship with money determines how you manage it. The same happens with life. The better you understand your relationship with it, the better you can manage life.

Time and effort are what you pay — value is what you get in return.

~ Your Life Is Your Most Precious Asset By Gustavo Razetti.

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