Logic Of The Day: 18.08.2018.

When Your Strengths Are Your Blind Spots.
I mentioned at the beginning that I graduated in 4 years when most other music majors graduated in 5 or 6. That’s because the music program is so intense that most people can’t keep up with the general education requirements. But I did. And it wasn’t even hard.

That should have been a clue that I was doing the wrong thing.

Being able to read and write as fast and as well as I did wasn’t something most people could do. I should have been using that talent to excel.
Because music felt hard, it must have been more meaningful, right?

Because you have to work hard to fulfill your dreams.

When something feels easy it doesn’t feel important.
We put so much value on hard work and grit that we don’t give ourselves permission to be naturally talented.

Yes, we can always improve, yes there’s always work, but parts of it should be easy — even enjoyable.
Looking back on it now, most of my music training experience wasn’t enjoyable.

Excerpts From The Article; Stop Pursuing Your Dreams With Hard Work. By Chris Ing.

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