Logic Of The Day: 17.08.2018.

When You Are Bad At Your Passion.
Jazz is about improvisation. You learn a ton of harmony, cram it into your brain, train your fingers to move where they need to move, and then hope you can use it all at the same time to make beautiful music on the spot. It’s, by far, the most difficult musical form in the world.

In order to get better at it, I studied Baroque counterpoint, additional complex harmony theory, wrote songs, and tackled the musical problems by learning new instruments.

I was telling my ridiculous routine to a guy who was a couple of years behind me in the program, but was just as good an improviser. I asked if he had done all the harmony study when he was in high school.
“Nah, I just hear it in my head and play it.”

It wasn’t until a year later, after I had graduated, that I should have realized the significance of that comment.

He used his ears and his instinct to make music.

I didn’t have the same talent, so I was using my brain to compensate.

That’s a problem!

Excerpts From The Article; Stop Pursuing Your Dreams With Hard Work. By Chris Ing.

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