Logic Of The Day: 16.08.2018.

Stop Pursuing Your Dreams With Hard Work.
I went to California State University, Northridge to study music. It’s among the top music colleges in the country, and it was conveniently less than 2 miles from where I lived. I got through my auditions, was accepted, and I worked doubly hard to get into the prestigious Jazz program.

I trained like a musical monk for four years. I got to campus at 7 AM and I didn’t leave until midnight. Even though I was the best musician in my tiny high school, I was very far behind many of the other people in the program.

I practiced more.

I practiced smarter.

I took extra classes in music. I took private lessons on the side.

I graduated in 4 years when most music majors took 5.
And then I stopped playing. Entirely!

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Excerpts From The Article; Stop Pursuing Your Dreams With Hard Work. By Chris Ing.

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