Logic Of The Day: 07.08.2018

It Doesn’t Matter How Long It Takes If You Create Something Truly Remarkable.
“If a thing is done well, no one will ask how long it took to do it, but only, who did it.” — John Taylor
What are you currently creating?
Is what you’re creating the best you could possibly do?

When it comes to creative work, quantity is often the path to quality. Even still, with everything you create, you should be putting your absolute best in. Don’t create something just to get it done. Actually push yourself beyond your own boundaries.

Richard Paul Evans has written 37 New York Times bestselling novels. When Evans was a young writer, he met the award-winning novelist, Mary Higgins Clark. She gave Evans this advice: “Every book I write is my best book I’ve ever written.”

Evans never forgot that advice. In his own words, “So from that day forward, when I sit down to write a book I go in with that mentality that this book is going to be better than the last and it’s going to be the best book I can write.” This mentality is how you go on to write 37 NYT bestsellers.

If you make something truly brilliant and amazing, people won’t care how long it took you to do. They’ll only ask: Who did this?

~ Excerpts From An Article ( Life Doesn’t Reward You For What You Know, But For What You Do) By Benjamin Hardy.

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