Logic Of The Day: 02.08.2018.

To Learn Is To Change What You Do.
“To learn and not to do is really not to learn. To know and not to do is really not to know.” — Dr. Stephen Covey
If you are still producing the same results, you haven’t actually learned something. It doesn’t matter how much information you consume. It doesn’t matter how many books you read.

True learning requires the ability to consistently produce new and better results. If your mindset, perspective, and behavior haven’t changed, then you haven’t truly learned. As Albert Einstein has said, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”

You can have all the knowledge in the world and yet remain unintelligent. Intelligence involves continually learning new things, which requires that you change how you operate in the world. According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, “The hardest part about change is not making the same choices you made the day before.”

It really doesn’t matter what you know; it matters what you do. Surprise yourself and the people around you.
Instead of mindlessly distracting yourself with low-level information, make a better decision.
“The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.” ~ Paulo Coehlo

As Written By Benjamin P. Hardy

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