Logic Of The Day: 01.08.2018.

Reward Of Good Work Is More Work.
The core intention we have for doing something shapes every subsequent choice we make.
If your core motivation is success and fame and riches, then even if you consider yourself an artisan in your mind, your behavior won’t reflect what it is that you tell yourself about work.

If you focus on mastery and have an intrinsically motivated definition of progress, however, then the only reward of going through the process of work is more work. It’s the luxury to do what you’re already doing in a more complex environment or on a more impactful scale.

Humans are creative and productive, to some extent, by nature. We make things, we build things, and we create on top of what we have already made and built. If a task is aligned with whatever drives our inner nature, we thrive on adding more complexity to our work.

While there is a prevailing narrative in our culture that sees work as something to be done until you don’t need to do it anymore, the truth is that, if you truly respect and value whatever your work is, the real benefit of working is actually the ability to continue to do more of it.
Waking up and feeling truly grateful to do what you do is the reward. That can’t be bought.

~ Excerpts From The Article: "Walt Disney: How to Love What You Do" By Zat Rana.

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