Logic Of The Day: 30.07.2018.

No Separation Between Work and Life.
One of the most common discussions regarding careers is one concerning work-life balance.
We all have limited time, and naturally, it makes sense that we want to spread it across the different responsibilities in our life without falling into the trap of over-committing to any one.

While the idea of having a balance is important, the distinction that is often created in such discussions is not. It separates your life from work when the goal should be integration.

If you think about how much time the average person spends working (approximately 80,000 hours, or 9 full years, by some estimates), it becomes clear that there isn’t really a way to separate work from life. Even if we compartmentalize, that’s only a psychological distinction.

We eventually become what we do. The daily actions you take as a part of your job become ingrained in you as habits, which shape your identity. This affects you in a substantial way.

If you’re an artist, you are an artist outside of your studio. If you are an entrepreneur, you are an entrepreneur outside of the office. This is true regardless of whether you think that way.

We are what we do. It’s on us to make what we do something we’re proud of outside of that.

~ Excerpts From The Article: "Walt Disney: How to Love What You Do" By Zat Rana.

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