Logic Of The Day: 27.07.2018.

Why You Should "Do Nothing".
I don’t mean ‘eat cookies all day.’ No, I mean don’t try to force anything. It’s the exact opposite strategy of burning your bridges.

“Darius, you’re contradicting yourself.”
So? Life is full of contradictions. Get used to it.

Look at your life. Have you tried burning your bridges? Didn’t work out? Try a different strategy. I never get why people get all hung up on opposing strategies. Life is dynamic and requires you to adapt all the time.

When I came back to The Netherlands after working abroad for 1,5 years, I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to do. I still had my business, so I didn’t have to worry about money.

But I also wasn’t satisfied. I wanted to do something that mattered. But because I didn’t know what, I just didn’t force anything. I knew I needed a different strategy this time. So I did my job, spent time with my friends and family, worked out a lot, and just enjoyed my life.
I just stopped worrying and thinking about my next move. That’s very liberating.

And after six months or so, I figured it out. I can tell you how I did it, but that’s not going to help you because you have to figure out how YOU are going to do it.

And that’s the most important thing about figuring out your next move. It’s called ‘figuring it out’ for a reason. It’s not called ‘here’s your life path served on a platter.’
Just be okay with that. It’s about the journey anyway.

You better enjoy every step along the way. Especially the difficult ones.

~ Darius Foroux (How To Figure Out The Next Big Move In Your Life Journey)

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