Logic Of The Day: 21.07.2018.

The Answers Are Not Inside Of You.
Some of us think that if we just do enough “soul searching”, if we just think hard enough, then everything will become clear. Then we’ll know exactly what our “calling” is, right? Won’t we then be able to figure out our exact passions, and finally “get it together”? No. That’s not how it works.

In Silicon Valley, what happens to companies that lock themselves in a building, build out an idea that they thought was brilliant without talking to customers, and then release it to the market? They go bankrupt.

You can’t magically come up with the perfect answers without talking to the market. That means you need to talk to your market — in the job search process, that means your employers, and people working in the jobs that you’re interested in.
Talk to them. Ask them questions. What do they do day to day? Are they happy about it? What do they wish they could be doing? What do they want to do in 2 years? How about 5 years? How much impact, recognition, and independence do they get?

That’s the best way to get a “glimpse” into your future, without spending years going down the wrong path.

~ Raghav Haran
Excerpts From The Article; "How To Find Your Passion"

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