Logic Of The Day: 19.07.2018.

“Closing doors” Is Not A Bad Thing.
“The best life choices are the ones that reduce optionality.” — Auren Hoffman
Many of us are afraid to even begin looking for our ideal job because we’re so scared of closing doors. No one wants to feel like they’re limiting themselves too much.
But this is unrealistic.

Closing doors actually makes you more likely to land opportunities that you’re focused on.
Say you’re a doctor, and you want to expand your practice and get more patients in your town.
All else equal, who would you rather hire to help you:
1) A marketing guy who has worked with a bunch of different companies in tech, education, finance, etc or
2) A healthcare market strategist specializing in expanding small physician practices?
There’s practically no question.

The only thing employers want is for you to solve their problems. And they’re human too, so they believe that their problems are special and unique.

So the more specific you get about what you do, the more you come off as someone who understands their specific situation and can solve their specific problems.

Closing doors might limit you to a smaller pie, but you get to dominate a much bigger piece of it.

You’ll never be short of opportunities.

~ Raghav Haran
Excerpts From The Article; "How To Find Your Passion"

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