Logic Of The Day: 16.07.2018.

The Benefits Of An Invincible Career.
In general, the primary benefit of an Invincible Career is that you get to work and live your life on your own terms. You forge resilience into your strategies and plans. You understand that most successful and wealthy people actually have multiple sources of income. You stop leaving yourself vulnerable with only one source. You stop limiting your income to the daily hours you can work.

You also no longer live in fear of upsetting your manager, or losing a great boss. You no longer worry that the ups and downs in the industry might capsize you.
You have a backup plan so that you don’t become too reliant on a single profession, or get edged out by ageism.

I personally plan on working in my business until the very end. I’m doing something I love, working with people I really enjoy, so I see no point in stopping.

You also don’t let golden handcuffs keep you chained to a company that is no longer serving your career well (been there, did that). You find or create work that is aligned with your personal values, and leverages your core talents and strengths.

~ Larry Cornett Ph.D.
Excerpt From The Article; "What is the point of an Invincible Career?"

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