Logic Of The Day: 14.07.2018.

What Is An Invincible Career?
It means that, as much as possible, you have removed single points of failure from every aspect of your overall career ecosystem. No single event can disrupt you for very long. None of the issues that I mentioned earlier will be allowed to sabotage your long-term career and life plans.

In fact, you may even become stronger as you are exposed to adversity. You bounce back from any setback; wiser, tougher, and more prepared for what comes your way.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb refers to this as being “Antifragile“, and wrote a book on this phenomenon called Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder.

Before you can forge your own invincible career, you need to understand your existing and potential areas of vulnerability.
I ask the members of my community to use challenges and exercises from my new course to identify, mitigate, and eliminate points of vulnerability to give them the confidence required to make the best decisions for their career and life.

~ Larry Cornett Ph.D.
Excerpt From The Article; "What is the point of an Invincible Career?"

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