Logic Of The Day: 12.07.2018.

One Source Of Income Controlled By One Boss.
If your primary source of income is from one job and you have a single boss who controls your fate, you are vulnerable. I think this is true for most of us, for the majority of our career. It certainly was true for me. I had a few other smaller income sources, but the majority was from my full-time corporate job.

You may be thinking that this is all well and good, because you’re doing a great job and get along well with your boss. But, that can change. If and when your great boss leaves (e.g., lands a great new role somewhere else), you may or may not end up with a new boss who works out just as well.

If your organization is merged with another one during a re-org, you may end up reporting to someone new. If your company is acquired, your entire job description might change, as well as your reporting structure.

I’ve been through all of these. Some didn’t end very well.
It’s a roll of the dice. You don’t usually have much personal control over corporate mergers, acquisitions, or re-orgs (unless you’re C-level). You do not get to handpick your new boss. You may even be quite surprised by who is hired for that role.

If you don’t mesh well with this new person, or he/she isn’t a good manager or mentor, your promising career path is now less certain.

~ Larry Cornett Ph.D.
Excerpt From The Article; "What is the point of an Invincible Career?"

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