Logic Of The Day: 04.07.2018.

Leverage The Power Of Communities And Mentors.
The common saying is that “your network is your net worth”. I only started to realise this when I became a full-time entrepreneur bootstrapping my first venture, Hustle Crew. I relied on my network to secure my first customers when I launched as a B2C careers coaching company and again later when I pivoted to a B2B training company.

It’s my network that helped me land speaking gigs to gain more exposure and my network that helped me turn my book from an idea into something that’s sold hundreds of copies.

I used to find the idea of networking cringe and repulsive. I realise now that’s because I hadn’t taken the opportunity to be self-reflective and think of what my true interests and motivations are. I was networking in all the wrong places.

Now that I know I’m passionate about tech entrepreneurship, inclusion in the workplace, community building and content creation — it’s easy for me to find events that align with that and enjoy networking while I’m there. I always meet like-minded people in these communities many of whom I’m fortunate to now call friends.

~ Excerpts From The Article; "Six things about work I wish I knew when I graduated" by Abadesi.

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