Logic Of The Day: 30.06.2018.

Do What You’re Good At Not What You Love.
We often hear successful entrepreneurs and champions across fields from sports to science advising people to do what they love and pursue their passions in order to be successful. While that may work for the privileged few who end up being a global sensation in the field they love.

Its not advice I would give to ordinary folks like you and me.
There is an opportunity cost at the beginning of your career when you pursue passion over creating value in a company and building your corporate career capital. This means that at the beginning of your career its far more valuable to focus on what you’re good at.

At the beginning of my career I was already very good at sales. I’d worked as a street fundraiser the summer before starting university and always smashed my targets.

During university I had a part-time job at the Reiss concession in Selfridges and earned hundreds of pounds in commission every week. When I had my first interview in tech at a startup called Groupon I was asked by my soon-to-be boss what I was good at, I said sales. I had concrete examples to share that showed I was good at it and that’s what got me hired.
Do I love sales? Sure, but not as much as I love writing and public speaking. But at the start of my career there were few entry-level roles on offer that maximised those skills.

Capitalism rarely lets us optimise for our own fulfilment, especially at the start of our careers.

~ Excerpts From The Article; "Six things about work I wish I knew when I graduated" by Abadesi.

Image Credit: enlightiumacademy.com

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