Logic Of The Day: 29.06.2018.

Frameworks Are Better Than Answers.
Throughout school we are taught to find the right answer to the question. Sometimes there’s more than one answer, sometimes there’s no single right answer but either way we are trained to be solution focused in how we approach questions.

But what happens when you apply this approach to the very complex question “What job should I do?” Suddenly things get complicated.

Our lives are long and our careers are varied. Even moreso for millennials and Gen-Z who live multi-hyphen lives flexing their skills across multiple roles. This means its important to not obsess over the correct answer but instead focus on the correct framework to guide us to our solution.

Its easy to make emotional or reactive decisions when it comes to jobs but its better if we can rely on frameworks to guide our thinking so we can make the best next step according to our motivations and priorities.

It’s better to optimise for our priorities than obsess over one specific path.

~ Excerpts From The Article; "Six things about work I wish I knew when I graduated" by Abadesi.

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