Logic Of The Day: 27.06.2018.

Price Versus Value.
To sum up: we assume that pay is a measure of worthiness, but some critical questioning quickly unmasks this assumption as false. Whereas we think that compensation reflects contribution, it doesn’t. Rather, it reflects the workings of market forces.

Hence, actual earnings are hardly connected to what one earns to earn.

For instance, those working in education and healthcare do stuff that’s way more valuable than those working in so-called bullshit jobs—jobs that are pointless according to those who get paid to do them — yet their reward is, on average, significantly lower.

For the record, I think such scrutiny is a textbook example of the value of philosophy, of spotting the questions that should be asked and sensing when one should be suspicious of what appears to be self-explanatory.

This time, our questions revealed that what one receives for the work one does is determined by factors that are unrelated to the importance of one’s work.

And therefore, pay does not reflect worthiness and money is not a good indicator of worth.

~Maarten Van Doorn (The Startling Truth About “What We Deserve”)

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