Logic Of The Day: 23.06.2018.

Work Can’t Ever Take These 7 Things Away From You.
Whether you’re just having a bad day at work or feeling unsatisfied in general, you’re not alone. The most recent Gallup employee engagement data shows that less than a third of American employees are engaged at work, with only 28.9% of millennials (the least engaged cohort) reporting they feel engaged in what it is they’re doing as a career.

That’s pretty grim, guys.

When you feel that disinterested in what you’re doing, it can really take a toll on you — physically, emotionally and mentally. It’s not hard to fall into the trap of negativity with your work; that because you’re unhappy with some aspects of it, you’re unhappy with everything.

Once that happens, it can quickly spill into your personal life. Let’s face it, it’s pretty damn hard to dislike what you’re doing eight or nine hours a day and then just leave it at the office when you walk out the door.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of work, or completely and totally dissatisfied with your career, remind yourself of these things your work can never take away from you:
1. Your Drive.
2. Your Personality.
3. Your Creativity.
4. Your Achievements.
5. Your Positive Attitude.
6. Your Ability To Improve.
7. Your Dreams.

~ Excerpts From The Article; Work Can’t Ever Take These 7 Things Away From You By Larry Kim.

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