Logic Of The Day: 22.06.2018.

Understand That No One Stays At The Top Of Anything Forever.
You could be the richest person in the world today. Eventually, you’ll be knocked off the top spot.
You could be the fastest 100m sprinter in the world. Tomorrow, or eventually, someone will be faster than you.
The simple fact is that no one is permanently at the top of their game.

“All of us will fall from grace at some point”

What I’ve learned is that falling from grace and eating shit for a while is how you rise up again. You can’t rise up if you haven’t fallen down before.

The deep, dark problem you think you’re facing will pass- it always does eventually. This is not the time to make a dumb decision, ask for sympathy or complain.

It’s time to eat shit for a while and put in the work. Earn the right to get what you want by starting again at the bottom. That’s how you rise up again.

Excerpts From The Article; "Sometimes We Have To Eat Shit For A While Before We Can Rise Up Again" By Tim Denning.

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