Logic Of The Day: 18.06.2018.

How To Figure Out Your Purpose.
Here’s how to get clarity on what you should do.

Step 3: Honestly Believe That You Can Do This
Facing fears is hard, but it does something really really awesome to you. It helps you see that your fears aren’t that big and scary after all. Then when you actually surmount them, you feel invincible. You puff out your chest and ask “What’s next?!” Then life smacks you in the face again.

I told you before that I had zero confidence after failing 20 interviews. I felt like I had absolutely nothing to offer the world.
When I went out on my own, and forgot reason, and started facing fears, I started developing more and more confidence. With every accomplishment, I felt like I was just laying another brick on the foundation that was my confidence. After a while I started believing that I could actually do more and more.

Then I landed a gig writing for the Huffington Post. Then I wrote a viral article. Then I interviewed the guy who wrote Disney’s “Princess And The Frog.” Yeah, it was insane! In 2 months I made more progress as a writer than the last 10 combined, and I really felt like the sky was the limit.

The biggest key to success I think is honestly believing you can do anything. I reached this point in late 2016, right before I got started writing here on Medium.
I felt on top of the world before I gained just 1 of my 21,000 followers — and that’s honestly what helped me do everything I ever could’ve wanted as a blogger.

You have to get through steps 1 + 2, though, before you can arrive at having more confidence.

Excerpts From The Article; How To Figure Out What The Hell You Want To Do With Your Life By Tom Kuegler

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