Logic Of The Day: 15.06.2018.

How To Figure Out Your Purpose.
Here’s how to get clarity on what you should do.

Step 1: Forget Money And Forget Reason.
When I got out of college I was in a hurry to become a contributing member of society.
Translation: I wanted a job.

But why did I want a job, really? The answer is I had lots of student loans to pay off, and I needed a job to pay them. After about 20 failed job interviews and taking, like, 10 different death blows to my confidence, I started daydreaming about freelancing.

In the meantime I took a job at Panera Bread in hopes that I would become a manager one day/work in corporate. I was getting paid $8 per hour alongside high schoolers. I was 22.

I felt like complete and utter sh*t, so I quit after my third week and dove headfirst into freelancing. It was an absolutely horrible financial and logical decision, and my Mom hated the idea, but it was easily the best/most important decision I ever made.
I never made more than $400 in one week from freelancing, but I was never happier.

Lesson: When the voice in your head is telling you that you need to get the hell out of a certain situation, listen to it. Damn the money and damn reason.
Trust yourself!

Excerpts From The Article; How To Figure Out What The Hell You Want To Do With Your Life By Tom Kuegler

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