Logic Of The Day: 05.06.2018.

3 Questions To Ask Your Own Career; Do You Really Want Work-Life Balance?
The perfect quote for this question comes from Rudyard Kipling. He says,“If you did not get what you want, it is a sign that either you didn’t seriously want it or you tried to bargain over the price.”

Sometimes people will say they do not wish to further their career because they want work-life balance. And that’s a great reason.
But I suspect that sometimes what they really mean is that they’re unsure if the work they put in will produce results. They don’t want to face that uncertainty.

People will sign up for tennis lessons or train for a triathlon because they know there are steps to take to get their desired results. They can hire a coach. The can follow exactly the coach’s instructions. If they practice for a certain amount of time, they can get to their desired and deserved level of competency. There’s a proven link between input and output.

That’s not always the case with your career. There is not a direct link. You don’t know that extra work will get you a promotion in the same way that you know putting in extra work on your backhand will pay off on the tennis court. The link between input and output is more vague.
So, people shy away from putting in extra effort.

But what would happen if I say: “You are going to see your family much less for the next six months. No weekends. But at the end of this time period, I’ll give you the position and responsibility that you want.” I suspect some of the people who want work/life balance would change their tune.

~ Praveen Tipirneni, CEO of Morphic Therapeutic Inc. Originally published on Quora.

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