Logic Of The Day: 04.06.2018.

3 Questions To Ask Your Own Career; How Much Autonomy Do You Want?
When answering this question, I create a parallel to Bruce Greenwald’s book Competition Demystified: A Radically Simplified Approach to Business Strategy. He boils strategy down to one variable: barriers to entry. In a similar way, you can boil all careers related questions down to one variable: autonomy.

Let’s think in extremes. You want to take care of your kids, but a few days in the month, you’d like to do some consulting work to stay up to speed in your career. That’s high autonomy.

Or are you willing to tolerate less autonomy in order to be a part of something bigger? In a company, you can create something far bigger — but at the cost of diminished autonomy. In order to function effectively, team members have to give up some autonomy in order to work together.

This question can simplify the direction that you take in your career and put a focus on how deep a skill set you need. In most cases, autonomy and flexibility comes with depth. The deeper your skill set, the more autonomy you can bargain for.

It’s a choice everyone has to make independently. Many people feel happiest when they have complete control over their own destiny. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have the most fulfilling career, though. Complete autonomy also precludes big and bold endeavors that can only be done together with like-minded people.

~ Praveen Tipirneni, CEO of Morphic Therapeutic Inc. Originally published on Quora.

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