Logic Of The Day: 02.06.2018.

3 Questions To Ask Your Own Career; Whose Job Do You Want?
I actually force my employees to answer this question. It’s part of our career development at Morphic Therapeutic. I want them to have an answer about where they want to be in five to ten years.

I know that’s tough to answer. Things can change quickly. They might have a different answer in six months. But I still make them declare whose job they want in five years because it forces them to take tangible actions.

The point of asking this question isn’t to push you down a rigid career path. It’s simply gets you thinking about the direction that you’re headed. Your career is flexible. Goals can change. But that isn’t an excuse to have no direction at all.

And in order to answer this question properly, you have to answer a couple more questions as well.

~ Praveen Tipirneni, CEO of Morphic Therapeutic Inc. Originally published on Quora.

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